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Not just a pretty interface

In today's world, managing digital content can be a daunting task. Introducing SkyPad — the new standard in wireless entertainment.

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Love at First Swipe

Are you tired of wading through layers of menus and submenus on your touchscreen – just to play a movie? Is it frustrating to decipher that hot mess of buttons to mute the volume? How about that clutter of devices in the cabin with duplicate controls?

Step away from the past. With SkyPad you can access your content with a single touch, and no menu is ever more than two layers deep. We believe less is more, so many traditional buttons have been replaced with intuitive gestures and voice commands. Radically simple. Simply ingenious.

We went the extra mile so you could sit back and enjoy the ride. After all, isn’t time the ultimate luxury?

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Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, SkyPad puts you in control of your digital life with a clean, modern touch interface. With sophisticated gesture and voice commands, and an unparalleled user experience, SkyPad brings elegant simplicity to the cabin. At last.

Now enjoy the same lifestyle of comfort and convenience in your aircraft as you do in your home. Browse and play your favorite media on your personal iPad, or effortlessly distribute it to the cabin with the simple flick of a finger. Adjust the lights, blinds and temperature, surf the Internet, shop, read a luxury in-flight magazine, or video chat with your concierge – all from a single App. With SkyPad, total control is always at your fingertips.

Upload to the SkyLocker

No need to change media. Store up to 8,000 HD movies or 16,000,000 songs on the expandable SkyLocker.

Online Features*
Browse the Internet seamlessly on your iPad or on the cabin monitor.
Explore our exclusive Web Guide featuring the best content-rich sites on the Internet, such as Hulu, Netflix, Pandora and live streaming IPTV stations.
Take full advantage of online streaming services such a iTunes and Slingbox.
Video conference with multiple users in real time.

*Streaming quality depends on Ku-band service

Offline Features
Consume terabytes of personal content stored locally on the onboard digital media locker.
Stream maps, AFMs or any documents to your iPad.
Share photos, presentations and other digital media stored on a personal USB drive with multiple users in the cabin.
Video chat with you flight attendant or concierge.
Connect the iPads in the cabin onto one network for a seamless wireless Office in the Sky.
View HD digital exhibitions of world-renowned artists on your cabin monitors.
Configure any iPad for any user: VIP, Guest, Attendant or Pilot.
SkyPad App swiping

Our patented Swipeout technology allows you to effortlessly "move" media back and forth between your iPad and the cabin audio/video system – with a single flick of a finger.

We give you as many choices as possible because, after all, what is entertainment without variety?

Finding and watching video content on your iPad or in the cabin has never been simpler. SkyPad gives you instant access to your personal movie and TV show library.

Don’t feel like loading your own media and metadata? We offer a convenient content subscription plan with exclusive licensed films and shows delivered directly to all the screens in your cabin. In addition to the latest Hollywood releases, a library of classic movies, content from non-US studios, television series, and non-English productions are also available.

And if that’s not enough, SkyPad is integrated with online streaming services such as iTunes, NetFlix, SlingBox, Google Play, Hulu, Jet Stream and Amazon Video on Demand for use with Ku-Band.

SkyPad App Dashboard
A mollion albums in the palm of your hand

The inevitable obsolescence of CDs and DVDs makes SkyPad a timely investment. Not only does it eliminate the need to carry physical media onboard, it opens up endless possibilities in the cloud. SkyPad aggregates over seven hundred high definition Internet radio streams from around the world providing unlimited music, sports, news and talk radio.

Services such as Pandora, Spotify , Grooveshark and SHOUTcast are available through Esoteric’s custom Web Guide, aggregating the best online streaming services. Is bandwidth a concern? No problem. SkyPad allows you to import your entire iTunes library and cache it locally on the aircraft for playback anytime, anywhere.

We are also working with the major record labels to offer a variety of licensed music. Exclusive audio tracks such as motivational series, podcasts and audiobooks will soon be available.

Isn’t that music to your ears?

Too haute to handle

Sit back and enjoy our quarterly edition of Elite Traveler magazine, the foremost international luxury magazine – a must-read for the world’s affluent and influential.

Elite Traveler not only showcases the products and services available from the most prestigious luxury brands around the world, but it also provides its sophisticated readership with detailed insight into a range of these subjects, which include sports and luxury automobiles, yachts, real estate, travel, private aircraft, fashion, fine jewelry and horology, art, wine, technology and much more.

With each issue, Elite Traveler’s team of internationally recognized writers, editors and connoisseurs showcase the best the world has to offer.

SkyPad App in hand Stewardess with SkyPad App
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Take the podium to new heights

A full paperless, wireless office in the sky is no longer just a pie in the sky. SkyPad makes it real. Now you can give impressive live presentations directly from an iPad‚ and perhaps even leave your laptop behind.

Our proprietary AirShare technology allows you to bring documents, pictures, and audio/video files on board via any USB drive, and to share them wirelessly with all or select users over a secure closed network.

Invite any SkyPad user to a meeting and mirror your presentation to their screen. Then control and manage the meeting by “driving” the presentations on all the connected iPads. For added impact, mirror the presentation to the bulkhead monitors as well.

With a simulated laser pointer and integrated text chat features, SkyPad gives you all the tools needed to maximize productivity and minimize cabin clutter.

Your personal genie in a tablet

SkyPad Genie is a concierge service bringing you the very best life has to offer. Need more free time? Sit back and let Genie take care of your time-consuming day to day activities so you can focus on the important stuff.

Heading abroad? Our global presence makes us your best friend in every city, providing you with assistance and local insider information when you’re outside of your comfort zone. Looking for unique business prospects? Network discreetly on a global scale with our private members.

Our Genie service provides you with an unlimited access to an unrivalled package of exclusive privileges, preferential rates and bespoke services, making SkyPad an indispensable asset in the air – and on the ground.

No matter where you are, your wish is our command.

SkyPad App in a genie bottle