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es·o·ter·ic [adjective]

Etymology: Greek / Date: circa 1645

1. Knowledge that is understood by a small group or those specially initiated.

2. An interest in items of a special, rare, novel, or unusual quality.

Our Story

There are many incarnations of luxury, but true luxury is unmistakable and at its best - transcendent.

Luxury doesn't just mean over-the-top opulence; sometimes it's simply in the exquisite attention to detail, the outstanding services that make you feel special, or the experience of feeling absolute comfort in your temporary home-away-from-home. Imagine a graciously relaxing journey with exclusive digital content at your fingertips and impeccable custom-tailored services that make each trip a luxurious experience. Now imagine a company dedicated solely to that mission.

Founded in 2010, Esoteric is a nimble private company headquartered in the heart of New York City. We are technologists, artists, architects and strategists who share a passion for creating elegant, engaging user experiences. As explorers of the digital frontier, we seek new pathways into the human psyche through pixels and code. In this rapidly changing landscape, we don't blink in the face of challenge; rather, we leverage our agility to react.

Infused in the Esoteric DNA is an ethos of hard work, creativity and radical thinking. Within our walls, we are not shackled to conventional ideas or same old, same old paradigms. We constantly remind ourselves that science isn't about having all the answers, but about asking all the questions; and art isn't about what you see, but about what it makes you see.

Dreaming big isn't folly; for us, it's essential. At our core, imagination sets progress in motion - and innovation evolves organically. So while our intrepid artists in New York take pride in thinking outside the box, our industrious engineers in California ensure their vision is executed with laser sharp precision. As a team, we create distinctive products that are redefining the in-flight experience in private aviation. And despite being the new kid on the block, we've already achieved several industry firsts with our unconventional approach. These days, technology by itself is just a commodity.

At Esoteric, we engineer luxury.

Leadership Team

Esoteric is led by a highly diverse team. We have the experience and finesse to bring to life cutting edge products with a perfect balance of precision and aesthetics.

Chief Design Officer

Over the past two decades, Sasha Biyan's career has spanned a variety of disciplines ranging from high tech to interactive media to fine arts. Though he trained as an engineer, he always had an interest in design. His desire to explore the interconnections between art and science eventually led to the creation of Esoteric. Biyan holds a Master's degree in Aeronautical Engineering, and worked in the aerospace and defense industry for nearly fifteen years. His clients have included Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Bombardier Aerospace, Rockwell Collins and Embraer.

Biyan also worked as a photographer and photojournalist. His images have been exhibited in Florence, Barcelona, Paris, Tokyo, São Paulo, and in Los Angeles as a benefit for Amnesty International. He is the author of two fine art books - one documenting his travels around the world, and the other a collection of his work in advertising. And finally, Biyan directed several award-winning interactive art projects for clients such as Sony Music and Adidas. Most notably, his work was featured in two books by Taschen on interactive design, and in the Communication Arts Interactive Annual in 2002.

Director of Operations

After receiving his B.A. degree from Southwestern University in Business Administration, Robert Pecanic, Jr. joined the aerospace and defense industry, holding executive positions with Coast Air and Glynwed Corporation. After achieving the position of executive director of aerospace, he developed a series of more complex businesses, forming a successful aerospace and defense company Aerotech Group in 1994.

Representing such companies as Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products USA, DSG Canusa and several others, Pecanic designed, developed and marketed proprietary aerospace and defense products. He became president and CEO of Aerotech Group and was a member of the IECC Committee, Aircraft Committee, SAE Electronics Committee and several other committees related to the aerospace and defense industry.

Chief Engineer

Asa Andrews has over twenty five years of experience in hardware and software development, and system level engineering. The first ten years of his career were spent at NASA Langley Research Center as an engineer working on the Very High Speed Integrated Circuit (VHSIC) project, which entailed monitoring and designing test boards for ASICs that were developed under the VHSIC program. During this time, Andrews also was involved in developing a Multiprocessor Operating System (ATAMM). In this project, he worked with Westinghouse engineers and the NASA team in developing and debugging the hardware and software that encompassed the MIL-STD-1750 ISA Operating System utilizing 4 processors. Subsequently, Andrews worked for TRW as an engineer on three different projects: a High Energy Laser program, a Solid State Recorder for Space program, and a processor system designed for managing a CryoCooler for space.

Fifteen years ago, Andrews along two other engineers started a company, Technovare System, Inc., for the original purpose of developing hardware and software for the aerospace industry. Their first project was to develop a Solid State Recorder for JPL. During his tenure at Technovare, Andrews managed the development of a media player using Linux, as well as the actual media player hardware. Andrews also became an expert at video encoding and video stream analysis. He is familiar with various video editing tools, and has created several commercials demonstrating Technovare's line of products. Finally during his career, Andrews has authored/co-authored five papers on the development of predictable multiprocessor operating systems.

Chief Software Architect

Shea Gonyo is an award winning interactive developer. For more than a decade he has been steadily pushing the boundaries of inventions and advancements in interactive technologies, motion graphics and 3D. He has developed a myriad of interactive applications for fortune 500 companies including Adobe, American Express, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Erno Laszlo, Estée Lauder, Godiva, Gucci, Herman Miller, HTC, John Frieda, Lancôme, Leo Burnett, L'Oréal, Madonna, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, NBC Universal, Ralph Lauren, Proctor & Gamble, Redken, Sergio Rossi, Shiseido, Victoria's Secret, Volkswagen and Yves Saint Laurent.

Gonyo has served as the technical director on dozens of projects by providing leadership, guidance and consultation to his team and his clients. His implementations have included robust multilingual content-driven applications, mobile apps, data visualizations, multiplayer games, e-commerce applications and 3D interfaces.

Creative Director

Vas Sloutchevsky is a world-renowned interactive artist. Trained as a graphic designer in Moscow, his style is rooted in Swiss graphic design and influenced by Western pop culture. A veteran of the industry, Sloutchevsky has more than two decades of experience in the interactive space, notably as co-founder and creative director of New York City's Firstborn Multimedia, which under his tenure became a leading digital design house in the United States. In 2007 he became a Chief Creative Officer at Freedom + Partners, a Brooklyn-based digital design agency.

Sloutchevsky's work helped shape the field of interface design as we know it today and was recognized in many international design competitions and publications. Under his leadership, his teams have produced award-winning projects for some of the biggest names in entertainment and fashion - Madonna, Bjork, Victoria's Secret, Tom Ford, Gucci and Ralph Lauren. Sloutchevsky's work was also featured in the Communication Arts Interactive Annual consecutively from 2002 to 2006.

Our Partners

Esoteric has strategically aligned itself with industry leading companies to manufacture, distribute and stock its products, and also to deliver content and services for the SkyPad wireless streaming platform:

Hardware Manufacturing

LEDA Corporation is on the cutting edge of design and engineering within the aerospace and defense community. Using the latest tools and electronic integration, LEDA reduces the design to final production time drastically. LEDA's analyzers use computer controlled, state-of-the-art switching architecture to evaluate the functionality of complex electrical wiring systems. LEDA's investment in integration technology and CAD tools establishes LEDA as a Boeing preferred and NASA Mil-spec approved supplier.

Content Licensing and Distribution

Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) has been at the forefront of the inflight entertainment industry for more than 30 years, providing relevant and innovative services and solutions to airlines. GEE provides an integrated, end-to-end service, covering all aspects of the passenger entertainment experience from movies and TV shows to audio content and games.

Global Parts Distribution

Electro Enterprises is a leading global distributor of interconnect, electromechanical and wire, cable and harness assembly products. With an AS9100 Quality System and U.S. Department of State Export Registration, Electro is able to supply products to key customers around the globe.

Stocking & Spares

Formed in 1988, Hansair represents over 30 different manufacturers, and stocks products around the world through its network of warehouses and sixteen offices. Hansair currently supports all the major airlines and several regional carriers.

Our Clients

Esoteric provides products and services to the leading OEMs, completions centers and private clients in the business aviation industry. Our client list includes:

  • Dassault Aviation
  • Bombardier Aerospace
  • Bombardier Completions Center
  • Honeywell
  • Innotech Aviation
  • Jet Aviation
  • Standard Aero
  • TAG Aviation
  • Executive Airshare
  • Vulcan

Esoteric's main office is located in the TriBeCa neighborhood of Lower Manhattan, New York City. TriBeCa is an acronym from "Triangle Below Canal"; the "triangle" (actually more like a trapezoid) is bounded by Canal Street, West Street, Broadway, and Vesey Street. The area is one of North America's most fashionable and desirable neighborhoods, known for its celebrity residents and of course the Tribeca Film Festival. As of 2010, Tribeca was the safest neighborhood in New York City.

Please contact us before planning your trip for recommendations on accommodation, restaurants, shopping and nightlife in the area. Our concierge service can pick you up at the airport and also assist you during the length of your stay. In the meantime, feel free to check out the best of our neighborhood.

37 Walker Street,
New York, NY 10013
USA : +1.212.920.6472

Esoteric West Coast
26499 Rancho Parkway South
Lake Forest, CA 92630
USA : + 1.949.540.2601

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